Top 5 reasons you should attend an exhibition

Attending an exhibition is a big and exciting step into the world of business and should be evaluated and planned accurately to ensure optimum success. To help you understand the potential reward, here some of the top benefits of attending an exhibition.

1. Puts a face to the company

Trade show environments offer a unique opportunity to network with a large number of warm prospects in your industry. People who make the effort to attend an exhibition do so because they are actively looking to buy the right products for their needs. Instead of spending countless hours cold calling and exploring various marketing techniques, you are presented with the chance to communicate directly with people who are interesting in your offering.

The key is to be able to secure a sale after the exhibition, as generally few decision makers will purchase during the event unless there’s a real incentive. For this reason, it is crucial to follow up multiple times post show. As you have had the advantage of meeting face-to-face and you are someone they will know and recognise, you are more likely to receive a response.

2. Scope out the competition

One of the key benefits of an exhibition is that you’re put centre stage in front of your target audience and many other industry professionals – including competitors. The trade show floor exposes the strategies and best offerings of all the top brands in the industry. Wander around the event and observe what your competition are doing and how effective their sales approach is.

Questions you should ask yourself:

  • How have they designed their stand to ensure interactivity with the visitors?
  • Are they targeting specific visitors or letting people come to them?
  • What is their sales pitch technique?
  • What is it about their stand that is attracting people to them?

3. Increase your brand awareness

Brand awareness has the capacity to embed a brand into consumer lifestyles and purchase habits, it can mean people won’t think twice about becoming a customer – time and time again. Thus, it is crucial contribution to the success of any initiative or small business.

Organically, it can take months to years of relentless marketing and sales calls for a business to grow and gain strong brand visibility in its marketplace. Exhibitions offer a quick and innovative solution, whereby any company can showcase their products and services in a professional environment, directly to the key decision makers in their industry.

Our quick tips on how to raise effective brand awareness:

  • Create eye-catching graphics that engage the audience.
  • Ensure your brand messaging clear and concise and your logo is strategically placed around the stand.
  • Include your social media information so people remember exactly what it is you offer.

4. Direct sales opportunities

Those who attend trade shows are there for a specific reason – they are looking for potential business opportunities and are willing to invest. Take advantage of being surrounded by people who are already keen to part with their money for your products and services by being enthusiastic to any prospective clients. There’s no denying that being able to interact with people in person allows you to overcome any potential objections and can help you close a deal quickly.

Using competitions are one of those timeless ideas that will not only attract visitors to your stand but significantly increase your Return on Investment (ROI). Interactive games can be a fun and interesting way to entice people to your stand and a clever way to collect contact details to increase your marketing database. This means even if you do not make a sale at the show, you have a potential sale later down the line through targeted email or SMS campaign.

5. Learn more about your industry

Not only does the exhibition floor offer the opportunity to promote and sell your products but they’re also usually filled with many educational sessions with industry professional speakers. Every industry is constantly changing; these can help you learn more about your marketplace, business techniques to drive success and the latest technological industry developments.

Exhibitions can help your business remain as a key contender in the market.You’re able to network with these industry leaders and learn what drove their success and be able to absorb their advice and past experiences to drive your own business path.

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